What Is Netflix Code Ui-800-3 And How To Fix It?


Netflix Code Ui-800-3 is a common glitch faced by the users. It is quite annoying to get an absurd error while streaming movies and shows online. But as we know, mishaps can happen to anyone, even computer programs. So, if you are out of luck on a fine day encountering the Netflix error code UI-800-3, we have a solution for you right here. Keep digging through this article to find all about this error code and how you can stop netflix lagging.

What is the Netflix Code UI-800-3 error?

Netflix Error Code UI-800-3 is a common problem faced by many Netflix viewers which indicates a problem with the application on which device Netflix is played. 

Netflix stores its cache data which can sometimes get corrupted and result in this kind of error. These kinds of problems can be resolved by simply refreshing the device or checking for application updates if any. 

Why Does Netflix Code Ui-800-3 Error Encountered?

It’s pretty simple. When you watch your favourite shows and movies on Netflix or Utsav7fun even just scroll through the application, it stores the cache in the background on your device. This cache is responsible for accessing your application and its data every time you open it. 

Now, what happens if the cache itself gets corrupted? You won’t be able to access your app. Thus, it will give you an error which in the case of Netflix is ui-800-3.

How Do You Fix Netflix Error Code Ui-800-3?

You can follow these techniques to restore your joyful streaming session on Netflix as described below:

Restart Device 

Sometimes, the solution can be as simple as restarting the device. Once you restart the application then there might be a chance you will not face this Netflix Error Code Ui-800-3.

You must try to shut down applications and streaming devices. Also, you should not forget to turn off the internet connection before turning off the device. Now, when you restart your Netflix streaming device, turn on the internet connection and open the Netflix application. If all goes well, there are chances that your error is gone. 

Here, a quick heads up if your device has a sleep mode, it is recommended to shut down completely for best results. If you still come to blows with this  error, let’s try some other techniques.

Sign Out Might Be An Option For You

Your issue might be resolved if you sign out of the application and sign in again. The steps included here are-

  • Find the Netflix Account section. 
  • Select the settings option by scrolling down.
  • Click on “Sign out of all devices” 

After doing this process, it is possible that your old cache records are deleted and auto-generated with fresh ones after a new sign-in.

Delete the Netflix Cache

In some devices, the cache is cleared regularly and in some when it is needed. If your device is not doing this automatically then you can do it manually. First find the cache-related settings on your streaming device and clear it.

Also, it will sign you out of Netflix once the process of cache cleaning is done. Now you can sign in again to see if the error is gone.

Till now, most of you must have found a solution to your problem. But if you are still stuck with the error, we have some more solutions for you. Even after deleting the cache doesn’t work for you then you can also use a VPN service. There are many of them buy ExpressVPN will be best choice for you if you dont have enough money. Because this company includes ExpressVPN coupons by which anyone can get discount with so ease.

Reinstall the Netflix App

If the code UI-800-3 Netflix still persists, it’s time to delete your Netflix app. Not permanently of course! Specific to the streaming device you are using, you need to go and uninstall the app from there. 

Once the uninstalling process is completed, you will be automatically deleting the related files from the device too. Now, you can reinstall the Netflix app and sign in again using your credentials.

As all the corrupted cache files are deleted and new ones are generated, it is a good chance you will be able to get rid of the annoying error by now.

Restart your network 

When trying all things, why not try this too? Just turn off the power of the streaming device. Next, turn off your modem or router with which you were connected to the internet. Turn everything on again after a few minutes to see if the error is gone.

Reset your Netflix Streaming device

Now, you might want to reset the Netflix streaming device if the error still exists. You will need to go to your device settings and reset it from there. This will help your Netflix app come back in the state it was first downloaded in. 

Once the reset process is complete, you can download the Netflix app again to see if the error is gone.

Connect with Netflix help Center

Now, the Netflix help center can be your last resort if the error still persists. 

The official Netflix website has listed some instructions for troubleshooting Netflix error UI-800-3 which are suitable to specific devices. 

You can use this to figure out the solution specific to your streaming device.

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