5 Golden Rules to Crack CEPT Entrance Examination


Preparing for any entrance exam can be a scary mission, the likes of hundreds against your limited knowledge and skill are itself a disconcerting thought. But don’t worry all it takes is a lot of study, practice, and self-discipline to master the subjects and pass the exam with flying colours. The difficulty level rises to a massive height when you appear for the clash of the CEPT exam.

To land a CEPT admission, the first step would be to fill the CEPT admission form. Prior to successfully submitting your form, you need to start your preparations. Well, don’t know where to start? Here are some useful tips to crack the CEPT entrance examination-

Collect the Right Study Materials

The last thing you want is rushing to the market every time you broke a pencil. This disrupts the flow of study and diverts the student’s mind. Do all your research in the first two to three days after filling the form. Hit the internet, note down everything you need right study material, pens, drawing pads, books, sample papers, notebooks etc. Amass everything you need and then begin your study. Also, gathering everything at first will deprive you of excuses to not study.

Understand the Syllabus and Divide Your Time

A typical CEPT entrance will test your Analytical & Logical Reasoning, English, and Drawing & Construction awareness. So, broadly you need to split your day amongst these three subjects. Try to cut down on any wasteful commitments and focus on your goal.  

Test Duration

Let’s get one thing straight, the CEPT is one long examination. In case of the CEPT SBST and the CEPT Urban design you will go back and forth with the question paper for three long hours and for the CEPT SID it takes much longer. So, come prepared. Also, make sure you evenly distribute your time amongst all the sections. A lot of rookie students don’t distribute their time and keep panicking till the dying seconds of the examination. This ultimately affects their drawing section, so keep your cool divide the examination time and keep a watch handy.


Planning is the best way to get on with your preparation. The CEPT entrance is generally scheduled for any time between June and July. So, after your 12th boards, you have 3 months to study. You can either join a coaching institute or study yourself. Keep up your general awareness up and give special emphasis on environment and construction industry.


You can cram all day, surround yourself with books, and isolate yourself from the outer world. But it won’t do good unless you test your knowledge. Mock tests are the best way to analyse your performance. Treat them like the real deal and analyze your test yourself, scoring high will deliver extreme confidence and low will help you track loopholes in your preparation. So, it’s the best of both worlds.

Following these tips will clearly uplift your CEPT results. Also, the ultimate tip you will find everywhere is persistence, you need to keep trying without failing or cheating for a day. That’s the only mantra to land a CEPT Admission first hand.

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